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Fire Fighting Equipment Servicing

Call Moloobhoys TODAY to Inspect and Service ALL Life-Saving and Fire-Fighting equipment.

We Calibrate, Maintain and Service Multi-brand Gas Detectors.

We proudly adhere to all SOLAS and IMO Regulations and Classification Society Requirements.

Servicing of Fire Fighting Appliances (FFA) India

Moloobhoy LogoFire Fighting Servicing

For a large cargo ship with a high Gross Tonnage for example, at least 2 outfits must be available on board, and according to the International Shore Connection (ISC) the fire pump system on board a vessel must be operational. At Moloobhoys, we do our best to ensure that maximum safety norms are incorporated and catered to, when we service all fire-fighting appliances. From Foam Concentrate Testing, to Gas Detectors Calibration, we do it all.

Calibration of Gas Detectors

Moloobhoy LogoCalibration of Gas Detectors

Moloobhoys are the authorized Sales and Service representatives / distributors of Gas Detector Manufacturer SCOTT Safety, GMI and OLDHAM in India. We provide on-site and workshop calibration support, service, inspection and maintenance of FIXED and PORTABLE Gas Detectors. We also have available ex-stock gas detectors and their spares, especially sensors and filters with us. Moloobhoy not only calibrate above brands but also calibrate other brand of the gas detectors.


Our Fire Fighting Service Station is approved by the Director General of Shipping (DGS). We are also approved by DNV-GL for all services and by ABS for SCBA servicing in India.

Fire Fighting Appliances Servicing

Our Service Station is approved by Director General of Shipping, India and DNV-GL Classification Society.
With a team of experienced and OEM certified engineers, Moloobhoys offer its Customers the entire range of life-saving and fire fighting equipment.

Fire Fighting Servicing

Moloobhoy LogoFFA Servicing

Moloobhoys provide Customers with the complete range of fire fighting services carried out by trained technicians and qualified service engineers. We have a full fledged servicing facility to conduct fire fighting services (fixed and portable) in India.

Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment

Moloobhoy LogoSupply

We have a host of FFA Spares available ex-stock. We use Moloobhoy stock to conduct our on-board, portable and fixed service jobs for all our fire fighting servicing calls. This proficiency and ability to supply spares coupled with the right technical expertise, makes our team efficient and cost-effective.

First Time Fix

Moloobhoy LogoFirst Time Fix

Our Service concept of the "first time fix" resonates with our fire fighting services as well. We first accumulate imperative information from the Customer beforehand, and then send our technician on-board with the correct spares, in order to carry out a successful service call.

Inspection and Servicing of:

Fire Extinguishers


Fixed CO2 Systems


Icon of Foam Analysis Lifejackets


Breathing Air Analysis


Icon of Emergency Escape Sets Emergency Escape Sets (EEBD)


Icon of Foam System Foam System (Hot & Deck Foam)


Icon of Foam Analysis Foam Analysis


Icon of Immersion & Protective Suits Immersion & Protective Suits


Icon of Wet Chemical System Wet Chemical System


Icon of Clean Agent System Clean Agent System (Novec and FM200)


Icon of Clean Agent System Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Sets and Cylinders (SCBA)


Icon of Clean Agent System Medical Resuscitator and Bedside System


Water Mist System Water Mist System


We only use authentic, original OEM spares when conducting any service at Moloobhoys. Please contact us for a quote and get 10% off your first order! CODE: #TRYMOLOOBHOYS

Calibration of Gas Detectors

A. S. Moloobhoy Offers below services for Gas Detectors:
• On-site and Workshop Calibration / Maintenance of Portable Gas Detector - Multi Brand
• On-site Calibration of Fixed Gas Detection System - Multi Brand

Fire Fighting Servicing

Moloobhoy LogoCalibrate

ATTENTION: Looking to Calibrate your Gas Detector Instrument? We perform Gas Detector Calibration for Portable Gas Detector and Fixed Gas Detector System. HOW? By exposing the said instrument to a known, pre-determined concentration of a “test gas”, we conduct the calibration of the said instrument and verify if the gas is being appropriately detected by the said sensors.

Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment

Moloobhoy LogoMaintenance

Gas Detector maintenance is carried out as per pre-approved international norms. It is our job to ensure your instrument is able to collect appropriate and accurate readings. To achieve proper performance and accurate data/readings, we recommend Customers use our team of trained engineers, to service and maintenance their Gas Detectors on board their vessels at regular intervals. This will help SAVE LIVES from exposure to unsafe and explosive atmospheres on board vessels. Oxygen deficiencies and prolonged exposure to harmful vapors and toxic gases is serious and could be life threatening. It is our promise to keep you safe.

First Time Fix

Moloobhoy LogoServices

Our trained and expert Engineers support in servicing of Multibrand Gas Detector. We support the service with spare sensors and filters of Original Equipment Manufacturer. Few brands we stock spares involves GMI, Riken Keiki.

Gas Detectors

GMI Gas Detector #1
GMI Gas Detector #2
GMI Gas Detector #3

Understanding the performance of most Gas Detectors

The performance of most Gas Detectors deteriorates with time. The rate of deterioration depends on the type of sensor that is used in the detector and on the overall operating conditions or the environment the tester is stored in or exposed to.

Taking for example a dusty or a corrosive or damp environment. Given that the specified “target market” is at “sea”, it is imperative to note that such factors will directly affect the frequency of inspection, overall required maintenance and the calibration.

For more detailed information please read: BS EN 500731 and the COGDEM Gas Detection and calibration guide. You are also welcome to email us at for all your specific questions. We look forward to being of service to you.

OldHam Gas Detector

What is the Corrective Action that is conducted?

Essentially it is the removal of these impediments. All gas detectors must be thoroughly inspected initially, before use, on an annual basis so as to ensure that they are capable of providing the expected performance and protection, that could ultimately save your life.

The LED display screen indicates “fault messages” when the exposed operational parameters are “abnormal”. By conducting a momentary magnetic “swipe” across any one, programming magnet, will allow the engineer to visually indicate and identify any scrolling “Fault Messages” as is applicable.

How do you Conduct an Inspection of a Gas Detector?

Visual inspection of all Safety Gas Detectors must be conducted quarterly to ensure that there is no external blockage of gas or vapour present in the primary path that then leads into the sensing chamber. Our engineer checks for debris, trash, mud or any other external equipment simultaneously to ensure optimum performance.

Scott Gas Detector #1
Scott Gas Detector #2
Scott Gas Detector #3

Understanding the Scope of Work or Service:

When “test gas” is “flowing” into the specific detector, inspection of the proper analog signal level output is made by reading the analog signal displayed on the control device.

Once the engineer sees a “stabilized response” signal within +/- 10% of applied gas level or +/- 2 ppm he is able to complete the testing satisfactorily. We always use this “test gas” reading/value that is approximately 50% of selected range. The engineer will check and see if response test is not within acceptable limits, then only will he insist that a Full Calibration procedure be performed and the Gas Response Proof Test re-performed.

Through this method, we keep the charges and costs for the Customer controlled and to the minimum.

For more information on any of our departments, please contact the following: HOD - LSA-FFA at and