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Liferafts Servicing

Liferafts and Lifeboats are critical life saving appliances. They are only used as "the last resort" at survival, in a crisis or life-threatening situation at sea.

Caution: Please do not pursue those "short-cuts" that might "cut short" your life.

Moloobhoys is guided by a century old legacy of professional ethics, with an uncompromising adherence to safety.

Following the prescribed safety norms, rules and regulations very strictly, we sell and represent some of the best liferaft manufacturers from around the world exclusively and non-exclusively in India. Our service stations are DG approved and we import our pyrotechnics (pyros) directly from our OEM - Drew Marine Safety and Distress Signals.


As per SOLAS and IMO, it is recommended that vessels maintain their lifesaving equipment by periodically carrying out inspections and servicing by reputed and authorized service agencies.

We have a DGS (Director General of Shipping, India) Approved Liferaft Servicing Station at Mumbai, Kolkata and Mundra; DGS Approved Lifeboat Servicing Station at Mumbai; and one coming up in the UAE.