Comité International Radio-Maritime (CIRM)

Taking a Stand:

In 2011, Mrs. Moloobhoy gave a 30 minute presentation in the Hague, to all the members and board members, alerting them what it is like to do business in India.

Focusing on what later blossomed into the "Make in India" concept, Mrs. Moloobhoy passionately spoke about opportunity and the scalability of investment in a developing country such as India would bring.

Using Moloobhoy's 100 year + legacy as an example of unbiased dedication to serving the Maritime Customer, Mrs. Moloobhoy's vision and enthusiasm was shared among most of her colleagues.

In 2017, she was invited back on the podium by CIRM to speak about the struggles and issues faced in the Marine Industry by service providers such as Moloobhoys, and how manufacturers of NAVCOM equipment should take a stand and assist the service providers in helping the Customer derive a unique and satisfactory experience from using their product.

In collaboration with Athina Vezyri from SRH Marine, Greece, the two women took a stand in April, 2017 forcing the the grey-suited men to stand up and take notice of their suggestions, thoughts and ideas.

CIRM as a Platform:

CIRM offers its members the chance to reach out to a host of manufacturers on one combined, unique platform where they can network, form alliances, do business and help create IMO criteria, fit for the modern day.

CIRM enjoys relationships with a host of prominent organizations such as:

Members since 2011

Comité International Radio-Maritime (CIRM) is a non-profit international technical association of companies involved in the marine electronics industry.

A. S. Moloobhoys (India and the UAE) and SRH Marine (Greece) are among the very few service providers, to be a part of this group, and so Moloobhoys is honored to be part of the helm such an internationally well received marine society.

Several of Moloobhoy's OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) from all over the world are members of CIRM as well. Companies like Furuno Electric Co, McMurdo, Kannad, Orolia Limited (McMurdo Group), Admirality Charts, FLIR, ACR Electronics, Cobham SATCOM, Danalec Marine, Intellian, Jotron Electronics AS, Navico Holding AS, Pole Star Space Applications Ltd, SRH Marine Electronics S.A., SRT Marine Technology Ltd, Tokyo Keiki.

CIRM's Trajectory

CIRM was founded in Spain in 1928 by a coalition of eight companies involved in the maritime radio service. The organisation was reconstituted in Belgium in 1947 and later moved to London, where it is currently located close to the International Maritime Organization.

CIRM is accredited as a non-governmental organisation in consultative status to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

CIRM promotes the application of electronic technology to the shipping industry. The organisation provides technical and industrial advice to the international maritime regulatory organisations.

In accordance with ITU Recommendation ITU-R M.585-6, CIRM is responsible for issuing the Manufacturer ID component of the Numerical Identifier for AIS-SART, Man Overboard, and EPIRB-AIS devices.

CIRM administers the Code of Business Practice for Marine Accounting Authorities, within the framework of ITU Recommendation D.90. This Code identifies operational requirements for Accounting Authorities in maritime radio and satellite communications.

Members of CIRM

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